Our offices are currently closed for most in-person sessions.

Most client sessions are conducted via TeleHealth.

We do see a very few clients within the office space when a procedure cannot be provided through TeleHealth.

Routine new client requests for in-person sessions will go on a wait list.

Current TeleHealth clients who need in-person sessions will have priority on the in-person wait list.

We do not find TeleHealth to be effective with very young children, but are willing to work with the parents during this time.


When we see clients in-person, we observe strict precautions such as:

Wait areas will be closed and clients will wait outside or in their cars until they are summoned for their appointment.

Only clients and persons directly involved in sessions will be permitted to enter the office building.

Face Coverings will be required while in the office building.

We will conduct sessions in space that provides distancing of at least 6 feet.

Hand Sanitizer will be readily available and will be expected to used before and after touching any surface.

Air Filtration and Sanitization will be in process throughout the office space.

Contact areas will be sanitized between sessions.

Thorough ozone treatment will be completed each night.



Have been to another country or a state with high Covid-19 incidence in the last 14 days.

Have had symptoms of cold, flu, coughs or fever in the last 14 days.

Have had contact in the last 14 days with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 or has had significant symptoms.

Have a current forehead or wrist temperature of over 100 degrees F.