New or Returning Clients

Please Note: Delays in scheduling are unusually long due to the high number of new client requests that we are receiving. After you have completed the intake process, it make take up to 2-3 weeks for your first session to occur.

*Most therapists do not have availability for new evening clients*

Please click one of the following links and you will be directed to fill out our initial intake form:

Adult Intake Form

Minor Child or Dependent Intake Form


MONITOR THE E-MAIL YOU PROVIDE IN YOUR INTAKE FORM. We will be sending you a few more forms that must be completed before you are able to be matched with a therapist and schedule an appointment.

*We do not prescribe medications or offer psychiatric services in our office*

*If you are being referred by a Primary Care Physician or other facility, please follow the steps above. We do not require a referral to begin the intake paperwork process*